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Watch Servicing & Repairs

Our skilled watchmakers have been established for over 35 years, offering repairs and servicing in London.


Mechanical watch servicing

When servicing your wrist watch, our dedicated watchmaker will de-case your watch and completely disassemble the movement. Every component is then inspected for wear and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all traces of dry oil and other deposits.


If any parts are required, original replacement parts will be fitted. The movement is then re-assembled and oiled as required, before testing and regulation. Your watch movement is then fitted to a restored case and bracelet.


Replacement Battery & Reseal

After replacing the battery,  our watchmaker renews all the sealing gaskets on the glass, crown and watch back, as well as pusher seals for chronographs where required. A waterproof test will then be performed to ensure your wrist watch is water-tight.


All our batteries are guaranteed for 1 year.

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